1978 - Television and Radio
actor in various series, notably as a mafia boss In 'Walker' (92)

roles in various productions
written and co-written several English language programmes and series

1985 Monaco Radio contest
co-wrote the Finnish Broadcasting Company's entry to the contest. The programme "Advanced English for Beginners" was awarded 1st prize.

1987 researched, planned, wrote, directed and acted in a 30-part primary school series "Radio Laser".

1990 - 2001 Free-lance journalist with Radiomafia, Finland's national rock channel. Made over 1000 ‘light entertainment’ programmes.

1992 - 1993 Working English, a major European language series, produced by the Finnish Broadcasting Company. planned and co-wrote the series with Kate Moore. The series was sold to over eight European countries

2003 Voice over as Tony Blair In "The Autocrats", the Finnish Broadcasting Company's entry to the Montreux Festival of Light Entertainment.