Radio program / SAMPLE

Vicar: Hello. It’s me again – the English vicar – englantilainen pappi – here on
Sunnuntaihuoneessa. As we all know, American English and British
English sometimes differ. And, even though I am British myself, I don’t
think that American English is worse than British English. Certainly not.
It’s just that British English is slightly better – that’s all. Today I have with me
the American ambassador to Finland to discuss the point. Welcome to
Sunnuntai Huoneeseen, Mr Ambassador.

Ambassador: Sunny Rum, righ?

Vicar: Sunny rum?

Ambassador: Yeah. Sunnuntai – sunny. Huone – rum. Figh?

Vicar: Oh – the Sunday Room.

Ambassador: Yeah. I mean, it ain’t da Money Rum, izit?

Vicar: Money rum? Oh the Monday Room.

Ambassador: Righ. I just been Nittly.

Vicar: Nittly? What does that mean?

Ambassador: I said I just been Nittly … In Rome.

Vicar: Oh IN ITALY.

Ambassador: Yeah. On guvmint busness.

Vicar: What kind of business?

Ambassador: Guvmint

Vicar: Ah – government.

Ambassador: Uhu. Less talk about language – huh?

Vicar: Less talk?

Ambassador: Yeah. Less talk about somethun intrissan.

Vicar: Aha. Let’s talk about something interesting – I thought maybe you said less

Ambassador: What’s yours is yours, what’s mayan is mayan.

Vicar: Mayan? What is a Mayan?

Ambassador: Your English is your English and Mayan is mayan!

Vicar: OH! Mine! I get it.

Ambassador: Goo. Though(t) maybe you wannid me to go and see a dense or something.

Vicar: Go and see a dense?

Ambassador: Uhu.
Vicar: Dense in Finnish is tiheä tai taaja.

Ambassador: Huh?

Vicar: No – don’t tell me. Let me work it out. Um, Go and see a dense – a
DENTIST! Hammaslääkäri. That’s it. Good. Very good. I think I’m
getting the idea.

Ambassador: You wanna bar Mercan dictionary?

Vicar: Bar? Don’t tell me – bar – borrow!

Ambassador: Uhu. Bar.

Vicar: Loistava! Do you have any problems when you’re speaking English
to Finnish people?

Ambassador: No. Jew?

Vicar: Jew? No, I’m Christian. Oh JEW – DO YOU?

Ambassador: Uhu.

Vicar: Oh I get it. So, if you want to…

Ambassador: Wanna.

Vicar: Right. If you wanna speak Mercan, you shorten words and relax your mouth.

Ambassador: Yeah.

Vicar: A good example. Yes is shortened to yeah.

Ambassador: Yeah. Or da whore of the Finnish winner.

Vicar: The whore of the Finnish winner!!

Ambassador: Uhu.

Vicar: (Mumbling) Whore – horror. Winner – winter! Got it.
The horror of the Finnish winter.

Ambassador: Ver goo. Uhu.

Vicar: I can speak Mercan.

Ambassador: Yeah. Jeet jet?

Vicar: Jeet jet? (repeats) Did you eat yet?

Ambassador: No, jew?

Vicar: No.

Ambassador: Sgo.

Vicar: Sgo.